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David Diamond's philosophy is unique.

24. October 2010 was a day of intense pleasure, passion and delight. On this day, Miss Ucar's son David was born, leaving darkness for the warmth of light and sunshine. His birth shall also be remembered as a celebration day for David Diamond since the soul of all diamonds made by David Diamond lies within this sunshine.

This is its origin, the elating passion driving David Diamond resides in the birth and the taste of life. Now we would like to introduce you into this new world of almighty creation and fascinating diamonds inspired by Mother Earth's purity.


Welcome to the unique world of David Diamond.

There is nothing more exciting than life and nature, which are formed by the dynamic processes of change. The inspiration by these five elements and the outstanding passion of the team of David Diamond create extraordinary jewels. But this passion is not only found in design and selection of high class diamonds and gemstones, but also in the highly skilled production.

This production is made under highest security by special skilled workers also bear the philosophy of David Diamond in them and will also let this inspiration flow into the jewels of David Diamond.


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